COVID-19 Campground Guidelines

Dear campers and friends,

Updated 7/24/20

Our campground is open and acccepting reservations. We are in the Green phase so everything is open. Including the swimming pool and arcade gameroom. The rec-hall is open only for scheduled activities. The activities on our website are being adjusted to accomodate social distancing. They are posted on our Facebook Page each weekend.

The office and camp store are open with restrictions. You can purchase firewood, ice, and store items in store or by curbside pickup. Masks are required in all public areas.


We are offering curbside check-in. There will be an envelope to the left of the office door under and an awning with your name, site number, and instructions to enter the park.


Please check in the office on arrival. We can make arrangements for curbside check-in for cabins by request. Remember to bring your credit card for the security deposit pre-authorization. You need to bring sheets, blankets, towels, pillows. There will NOT be a coffee pot, toaster, dishes, silverware, pots, and pans. We had to remove those at this time, so you will need to bring them.


Check the Camp Store tab to view items available for purchase.

Please call us with your order at 724-329-4097 or send us a message through our Contact Us page.

We are happy to charge the credit card we have on file, and you can pick up your items at the office door.

CDC Guidelines Summary:

What you may do:

DO: Visit parks that are close to your home

DO: Prepare before you visit

DO: Stay at least 6 feet away from others (social distancing) and take other steps to prevent COVID-19 infection.

DO: Play it safe around and in swimming pools. Keep space between youself and others.

What you are not to do:

DO NOT: Visit parks if you are sick with COVID-19, tested positive for COVID-19, or know that you were recenlty exposed to COVID-19.

DO NOT: Visit crowded parks

You can find the Complete Official CDC Guidelines for Visiting Parks and Recreational Facilities at this website:

What you can do while you are here:


YES: Cabins are open! We will be using disinfectant to clean everything. All people who are renting cabins are expected to bring their own dish soap and personal soap and other personal items will them. Coffee pots, toasters, dishes, pots and pans, pillows and comforters will NOT be available in the cabin until further notice. You must bring your own linens and kitchen utensils. You must utilize the restroom facilities in the cabin.

YES: You may reserve RV sites, Tent Sites, and Benner Barns.

YES: Masks are required in public areas such as restrooms.

YES: The bathrooms and shower houses are open.

YES: REGISTRATION: Check-in instructions will be given to you when you make your reservation. We are utilizing curbside check-in for camping, and in-office check in for cabins. If you are camping in a cabin and prefer curbside check-in, we are happy to accommodate. Your balance must be paid in full by credit card for curbside check-in. During office hours a limited number of guests are permitted to enter for purchasing or checking-in. Masks are required in the office.

YES: You may build a campfire and enjoy hiking and fishing. Practice social distancing.

YES: The Playground, Basketball and Volleyball are available for family groups - Bring YOUR OWN equipment

YES: The mini-golf is open. You can purchase a game in the office for $3.50 for adults and $3.00 for children. We will give you a clean putter and ball. When you are finished, return the used materials to the buckets in front of the office.

YES: You may use the laundry room ONE PERSON AT A TIME. Please lock the door while inside and remember to unlock it when you are finished to allow the next person in.

YES: The swimming pool is open. Play it safe around and in the swimming pool. Keep space between yourself and others. Please respect the requests of the Pool Attendant.

YES: Our game room is open.

YES: DURING OPEN OFFICE HOURS POSTED ON THE DOOR. You may purchase firewood, propane, ice and store items in store or curbside. You can see a list of many of the items available in our store on the Camp Store page. During office hours, you can call in your order 724-329-4097, and we will charge purchases to your credit card, and we will let you know when you can pick up your items in front of the office. We are working with limited staff, so please be patient while we try to monitor and fill requests as quickly as we can. In-store purchases are also available during office hours.

What you can not do while you are here:


NO: All "planned activities" are are being changed to follow CDC, federal, and state guidelines and to accommodate social distancing. See our Facebook Page for weekly activity updates. Activity lists are in the office.

Directives that must be followed:

In Closing

Thank you for caring enough to take the time to read all of this information. We appreciate all of our campers being so understanding and gracious. You're truly the BEST and we're all in this together. We hope to be able to resume all of our regular activities soon. Until then, we're thankful to be able to provide you with a place to enjoy family, get outdoors, exercise, and relax. See you soon!

Your Friends at Benner's Meadow Run
John, Marylou, Chris, and Staff