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Credits Page

This site was compiled and published by Chris Miller with much direction from Marylou Rohlf.
If you want to see more of Chris' photographic work check out his webalbum.

Special Thanks to:

Stephen Miller, graphic artist and web designer, for his countless hours of consulting and providing web design manuals and text.

Brad Cumberledge for his advice and consulting.

Marie Benner, Mrs. B., for providing much information for the website.  If it wasn't for her we would not be here.

John Rohlf for design and layout suggestions.

Sarah Kenney and Starla Beachey for their advice and suggestions.

All of those who have helped with editing: Karen Brooks, Jeffrey Bryner, Susanne Coey Bryner, Pastor Keith Clow, Alex Genovese, Jen Genovese, Melissa Lewis, Karen Klousnitzer, Joy Williams, and Miranda Savage.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

This site is hosted by Lunarpages.  Their customer service is second to none; their representatives are always very helpful whether contacted by phone or email.  Also numerous online tutorials and helps have helped to make this site.  Their hosting is truly an excellent service at a resonable price.

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